The Process

Nutrition must be optimal to provide the most favourable conditions for energy production and allow your body the best chance of healing. Diagnostic testing removes the guesswork and quality supplements will be prescribed when indicated to resolve nutritional deficiencies and promote healing.


As a Chrysalis Effect Practitioner, Emma has access to a whole team of specialist practitioners around the UK, working with many different modalities.  Referrals will be made whenever it is felt that a client may benefit from a particular treatment, and when the time is exactly right for that treatment to be most advantageous.


Emma's extensive clinical experience will be used to interpret lab reports/blood test results and determine the following:                             


  • Which of the Six Phases of Recovery are you in?

  • Are you suffering adrenal insufficency?

  • Are your methylation pathways compromised?

  • Is your thyroid working optimally? And how accurate are normal blood tests?

  • Do you need to eliminate Candida, bacterial or viral load or a hidden parasitic infection?

  • Are you suffering Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

  • Is your immune system compromised or oversensitive?

  • Are you battling food intolerances, or deficient in vitamins or minerals?

  • Does your Mitochondria need support?

  • Are your blood sugar levels out of balance?

  • How you can achieve quality sleep.

  • Are Heavy Metals or Environmental toxins a problem? How and when to detoxify your system safely.

"I am on my way to recovering from Fibromyalgia after 15 years of struggle.  Thanks to Emma and a complete blood screening, I have been able to give my body what it so desperately required. I would recommend a complete nutritional overhaul for anyone with fatigue type symptoms.  Emma's professionalism, her time and follow-up have been exemplary"    Colleen, Kent

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