Follow the link on the Home page to request your free Health Appraisal form via email or post.


Once the completed form is returned, an appointment will be made for your free 30 minute Skype or telephone consultation at a mutually convenient time.  Emma will answer any questions you have and outline the treatment options offered by Wellbeing for ME.


If interested in moving ahead, the next step is to book an initial consult.  


The initial consultation is £125 which includes a thorough analysis of your health plus correspondence (if required) with your GP to order baseline blood tests.  The blood tests will be interpreted  naturopathically - aiming for optimal levels, not just the absence of disease.  If private lab tests have been undertaken previously, this information will also form part of the review.


Moving forward, consults are £99.  Email support between visits is also available.


Consults are usually of 1 hour duration, but the introductory consult may well be longer (depending on energy levels) as there is so much to go through.


For UK and European clients, appointments are held via Skype or telephone.  Emma has recently relocated from the UK back to her home in Western Australia, and is available Monday to Thursday for consultation.



"I feel very lucky that I found Emma Chapman-Sharp.  As well as having the essential knowledge and experience, she has a fantastically warm  manner with her support.  Without the programme, I'm sure I would still be bedridden, not understanding what was happening to me and wanting to know why I felt so desperately ill.  Emma takes the guess work away and explains this, then tailors an individual plan.  I'm now recovered and enjoying a new life."  

Elaine, Newcastle upon Tyne

Wellbeing for ME

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